“There’s an irony here. Look, if I’d been good at math, I probably never would have started an airline.”

Richard Branson


Virgin Atlantic Airways and Virgin Records


My name is Maeve Burke, and my practice serves children and families in Marin County, California. I specialize in working with primary and middle school students.

I believe that a child’s strengths are more powerful than any weakness. Children should not be defined by their limitations but rather by their potential. I believe that children flourish and achieve success when they are supported, encouraged, praised, and above all, permitted to be themselves.

I am committed to the special responsibility that I have as an educational therapist to nurture each child’s individuality, to recognize and appreciate their gifts, to respect their unique learning profiles, and to foster a love of learning and of themselves.

As a parent of a child with a learning difference and a classroom teacher for thirteen years, I see each child through the lens of an educational therapist, but I also bring a valuable parent and classroom teacher perspective to my practice.


My Philosophy on Learning Differences

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