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Parent & Student Testimonials

“Maeve worked with our daughter through primary and middle school.  What a gift this was to our daughter and to our family. Not only was Maeve a superb academic tutor, but she connected with our daughter on a very personal level, becoming a friend, an advocate, a cheerleader and an adviser.  Along the way, Maeve consistently recognized our daughter's strengths, celebrated her talents and provided her the tools to successfully navigate areas of weakness.  As a result, our daughter's self-esteem skyrocketed, she excelled academically and is now headed to a highly-regarded high school in San Francisco.  We could not be more pleased and are truly thankful for Maeve.” 

    JR, Parent 

“Maeve has been working with my son since he was in 2nd grade when he was diagnosed with dyslexia. He's now in 6th grade, and she is an invaluable calming presence in our lives. Maeve connected immediately with my son. She related to him on a personal level and began to form what has become a close bond. Maeve continually reinforces to my son his strengths and works diligently with him on the areas that challenge him. His academic achievement has soared and so has his self-esteem. Maeve's level of professionalism and knowledge married with her deep understanding of kids is truly inspiring.”

    DC, Parent

“We worked with Maeve Burke for four years, and I recommend her highly. She originally began tutoring my then fourth grade daughter who was struggling with a learning difference. Maeve made my daughter feel smart and capable while giving her tools she needed to build her skills. My daughter has grown into a confident and academically successful young woman. Maeve's support and skill were invaluable. When my older son suffered a brain injury that caused him to miss a year of school and suffer severe physical setbacks, Maeve did not hesitate to help us, and became a key member of his recovery team. She spent hours patiently working with him over a period of years. She helped us develop a home school program to meet his needs, while working with his speech therapist to maximize the value of this program to support his overall recovery. His progress has been amazing. Maeve is talented, smart and supportive—a pleasure to work with.”

    JR, Parent

“Two years ago I was an anxious, confused, desperate mother looking for help for my son who was falling way behind at school. He was also starting to lose self-esteem and resigning himself to being 'slower and not as smart' as the other children. That is when we found Maeve. Maeve took the time to get to know our son and understand his unique strengths and challenges. She provided him with the materials, support and encouragement he needed to turn the corner on reading, writing, and math. Month-by-month we watched as our son began to believe in himself again and light up each time he accomplished a new milestone or improved his scores. This absolutely would not have been possible without the support and expertise of Maeve. Maeve is an advocate for each child and each family. She is a rare treasure who has had the most profound impact on our son and our family.”


“We have talked about your work with our son on many occasions and concluded that you are absolutely the BEST. You have been a blessing as far as M is concerned. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and understanding. M could resist going to tutoring during the summer, but you have created a caring, understanding, and inspirational environment that he actually enjoys.”

     BR, Parent

Maeve brings a great depth of experience, uncommon intelligence, and curiosity to her work.  She approaches each child as a unique individual, finding his or her strengths and motivation to learn.  As our son's fourth grade teacher, she was a standout, truly understanding him socially, emotionally, and academically.  Before high school, she again worked with him to improve his reading comprehension and writing.  Both as a teacher and as an educational therapist, Maeve always demonstrated sharp assessment skills and creative interventions.  She has been a gift to our son and family!”

    R & B, Parents

I just wanted to send a note to thank you for all of your great work with our daughter.  She absolutely loves working with you and she is so confident and motivated.  Quite a change from the little girl you met in September!  I am confident that thanks to you she is going to be more than ready for third grade and even more important she is enjoying learning.  We couldn’t have asked for anything more.  You make learning fun for her and that is a great gift.”

     MK, Parent

My daughter moved into a more academically advanced school in fifth grade, and she needed some serious tutoring over the summer to prepare for the big job ahead of her. We engaged Ms. Burke, and after the first session, my daughter couldn't wait to return.  Maeve has a passion for and love of learning that is contagious. We were thrilled with the results.”

    MC, Parent 

“I want to thank you for showing my son how to love learning.  I truly believe you have been instrumental in his progress academically and socially.  Just in case we haven’t told you...we think you're pretty neat!”

    L & B, Parents

“The year my son spent in Maeve's fourth grade classroom proved vital to his success

in school. Maeve's early intervention resulted in marked improvement in his visual processing abilities such as organizational skills, retention of sight words, word patterns, math facts, etc.”

      C, Parent  

“My two kids have learned so much with Maeve.  She addresses their individual learning styles and gets them to do their best. They feel good about themselves thanks to Maeve.”

    MS, Parent

“ You made our daughter feel so comfortable and helped her improve her grades in math and English. You were always available if we had any questions about schoolwork, and that support was invaluable. Your approach was clearly effective, and just what she needed.  Our child flourished under your guidance!”

    A & R, Parents

“Ms. Burke is the best teacher I have ever had. She helps me in all my work and really understands when I am stuck. She takes a long time helping me to understand things clearly when I get anxious and worried with tests. Ms. Burke is the best!”

    G, Student - 10 years old


“Thank goodness for Maeve! She helps my son learn good habits for life learning and helps to keep him motivated and happy with his school work.”

    P, Parent


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