In my educational therapy practice I offer intervention and remediation for primary and middle school students that defines and addresses their learning strengths and weaknesses. I work at identifying and addressing their underlying neurodevelopmental profiles, while remediating academic skills such as reading, writing,  math, and organization.  My goal is to nurture the whole child and to help children appreciate and understand their unique blends of strengths, weaknesses, affinities and learning styles.



  1. Educational Therapist and Professional Member of the Association of Educational Therapists, 2006-2017.

  2. Primary School Teacher, Mentor Teacher, and Learning Specialist, 1996-2008

  3. Tutor with emphasis on alternative and multi-sensory instructional methods for students with learning differences, 1995-1997.


  1. Educational Therapy Internship completion, 2006

  2. Educational Therapy Certificate course work completion, UC Berkeley, 2005

  3. Master of Science in Curriculum Design and Instruction, Dominican University, 2000

  4. Multiple and Single Subject English Teaching Credentials, Dominican University, 1996

  5. Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, Dominican University, 1995


  1. Learning How to Learn, Marin Educators in Private Practice, 2015

  2. Homework Management and Organization—How to Help Your Child, Ring Mountain Day School, 2013

  3. Executive Functions and Learning, It Takes a Village Speaker Series, 2010 and 2011

  4. Executive Functions and Learning, Flexible Learning Opportunities, Ross Valley School District, 2011

  5. Neurodevelopmental Analysis-Instruction and Management by Neurodevelopmental Profile, San Domenico School,2008

  6. Student Demystification-Student Understanding of a Neurodevelopmental Profile, San Domenico School, 2008

  7. Helping Students with Learning Differences in the Classroom, San Domenico School,2008

  8. Handwriting Instruction-Handwriting Without Tears Materials and Methodology, San Domenico School,2007

Specialized Training

  1. ADHD: Everyday Strategies for Elementary Students, SUNY Buffalo, 2016

  2. Learning How to Learn, San Diego University, 2015

  3. How to Learn Math, Stanford University, 2013

  4. Ethics and Etiquette in Educational Therapy, 2017

  5. Read Naturally Reading Remediation Training, 2011

  6. Compensations, Accommodations, Modifications, and Strategies, 2010

  7. Overcoming Dyslexia: The Science of Reading and Dyslexia with Drs. Bennett  and Sally Shaywitz, 2008

  8. ADHD Beyond the Basics, 2008

  9. Management by Neurodevelopmental Profile, 2007

  10. Brain Based Learning, 2007

  11. Stephanie Harvey Reading Comprehension, 2007

  12. Six Traits Writing, 2006

  13. Making Math Real 2004 & 2005

  14. Handwriting Without Tears, 2004

  15. Language! Literacy Intervention Course and Training, 2003


  1. International Dyslexia Association

  2. Association of Educational Therapists

  3. Parents Education Network



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